v5.03: Divine Insignia & Game Balance

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AutoAttack Games

  • Team size: 4 -> 5

We’d like to introduce Frederik “Rave” Wandtke as an Engineering Intern and the newest member of AutoAttack Games.

Rave discovered his love for programming while creating Warcraft III mods and made a tower defense called Pyro TD. He also worked on the semi-humanoid robot Pepper during a previous internship and has experience as a C# .NET programmer and software architect. Rave has been an active contributor and respected member of the Legion TD 2 community since 2015 when the game was in early development. He won the first-ever tournament, finished top 10 in the alpha, and has a peak rating close to 2400.

We’re excited to work with Rave to tackle various technical challenges, develop new features, and leverage his game knowledge to help with balance and testing. Please join us in welcoming him!

New Legion: Divine

Divine Insignia

The Divine have descended onto the grounds of Nova, casting a blinding golden light. Do not mistake their holiness and beauty for graciousness. They bring justice through conviction and eradication, and without mercy. These ethereal beings believe only servants of the Divine deserve ascension, and they seek to cleanse the world of the unworthy. Are you worthy?

The release of the first Divine unit is planned for next patch v5.04

Game Improvements

Major Fixes

  • Fixed Mac compatibility for some users

Gameplay Improvements

  • On the 4v4 map, mid/dual building is now enabled with any combination of Mastermind, Hybrid, or Chaos
  • Fixed a bug where similar legion spells (e.g. Press the Attack and All Out Assault) were showing up at the same time
  • Improved legion spell selection logic. Dark Ritual and Loan can no longer show up alongside each other or Allowance and Sacrifice.
  • Fixed a rare bug where some units (especially Soul Gate & Hell Gate) wouldn’t cast their abilities if they tried to cast them as soon as they warped
  • Fixed a bug where takeover bots weren’t working on wave 1 for Classic games

Quality of Life

  • Holding down CTRL when viewing a unit tooltip now shows unit upgrade costs
  • AFK detection now activates sooner before wave 6 (80 seconds before wave 6, 120 seconds after wave 6. Previously it was 120 seconds for all waves).
  • Estimated queue time is now more accurate
  • When playing Hybrid, the confirm sell threshold is now less conservative (since you are more likely to sell units with Hybrid)
  • Discord integration: now shows rating badge when you click someone’s name who is playing the game
  • Fixed some cases of stuck units

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where AFK warnings weren’t showing up in Classic games
  • Fixed a bug in profile graphs where percentages weren’t labeled properly (needed to be multiplied by 100)
  • Fixed a bug with post-game stats where Net Worth Per Wave (graph) wasn’t up to date
  • Fixed a bug with post-game stats where the average Power Score was incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where match history would show Classic queue matches as +0 rating change
  • Fixed a bug where names with <> characters didn’t display properly in some parts of the UI
  • Fixed a bug where using Steam’s Invite to Game feature would cause the recipient to receive too many party invites (they are only supposed to receive one, when they start the game up)
  • Fixed some rounding inconsistencies with rating changes

Game Balance

Legion Spells

- Guardian Angel, Hero, Magician, Protector, Sorcerer, Vampire, and Villain can now be cast at any time, even after wave 11

Protector green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Protection Aura: 7 health regen + 2 flat damage reduction -> 0.5% missing health regeneration

Protector nullified offensive plays on wave 11, so we’re smoothing out the power curve.

Sorcerer green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Bonus spell damage: 27% -> 25%
- Fixed a bug where Sorcerer didn’t work with the following area-of-effect spells:

  • Banana Bunk’s Barbs
  • Banana Haven’s Thorns
  • Honeyflower’s Fragrance
  • Deathcap’s Noxious Scent
  • Pyro’s Pyromancy
  • Millennium’s Explosive Shells
  • Doomsday Machine’s Detonation
  • King Claw’s Shell Shock
  • Great Boar’s Stampede
  • Red Eyes’ Thunderous Charge
  • Yozora’s Wintry Touch
  • Arctaire’s Frozen Veil


Harpy green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 0.81 -> 0.83

Sky Queen green_arrow.png
- Damage: 89 -> 90

Infiltrator red_arrow.png
- Health: 780 -> 760
- Damage: 40 -> 39

Violet red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 0.97 -> 0.95

Lost Chieftain green_arrow.png
- Improved Gaia Shield casting logic
-- Fixed some cases where it was over-prioritizing Wileshroom and Canopie
-- Now slightly prefers units closer to the middle of your lane, in addition to preferring units placed further up, since they are more likely to tank

Nightmare green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 1400 -> 1100
- Attack speed: 1.49 -> 1.89

Doppelganger green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 3800 -> 3400
- Attack speed: 1.82 -> 1.96

Returning Nightmare and Doppelganger to their former glory as the premier melee DPS

Yozora red_arrow.png
- Health: 1170 -> 1150
- Damage: 47 -> 46

Berserker green_arrow.png
- Health: 2050 -> 2080

Fatalizer green_arrow.png
- Health: 5650 -> 5740

Starcaller red_arrow.png
- Damage: 190 -> 185
- Health: 3000 -> 2960

Azeria green_arrow.png
- Invigorate: Mana cost: 12 -> 11

Lord of Death green_arrow.png
- Undead Dragon: Damage: 95 -> 100

Hades green_arrow.png
- Imp: Health: 1400 -> 1500

Soul Gate green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Blood Price: No longer gains mana regeneration based on missing life
- Blood Price: Self-damage: 15% of max health -> 17%
- Hellion: Health: 1280 -> 1320
- Hellion: Damage: 47 -> 49
- Nightcrawler: Health: 640 -> 660
- Nightcrawler: Damage: 47 -> 49

Hell Gate green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Blood Price: No longer gains mana regeneration based on missing life
- Blood Price: Self-damage: 15% of max health -> 17%
- Elite Hellion: Health: 3200 -> 3300
- Elite Hellion: Damage: 94 -> 98
- Elite Nightcrawler: Health: 1600 -> 1650
- Elite Nightcrawler: Damage: 94 -> 98

Blood Price was scaling multiplicatively with Magician and Starcaller, which made the combo overpowered and snowbally. Gates now naturally summon 6 times instead of 7, but that number can be increased with Ocean Templar, Desert Pilgrim, Protector, and other heals.

Hydra green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Value now scales with the number of Premature stacks (0 stacks: 470, 1 stack: 400, 2 stacks: 340). This is to more accurately reflect Hydra’s power and nerf Pawn Shop + Hydra abuse.


Ogre green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 0.61 -> 0.63

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