6.02: Weekly Challenges

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LTDDB: Discover Top Builds

ltddb.com is an analytical tool for discovering new and optimal builds. You can search for builds with the lowest fighter value on any wave with any fighters against any mercenaries. For example, can Nightmare clear a Brute on wave 3 with 5 workers? LTDDB says yes!


LTDDB was built by a member of our community, paintsniffer, using the Legion TD 2 API. If you’re interested in learning more or requesting an API key, visit our API thread.

Weekly Challenges

- Every week, a new build and wave from a high Elo game is selected
- Your goal is to use the same fighters, but position them better to clear the highest % of the wave
- Beating the challenge reveals the build of the player and their name
- A Challenger trophy is awarded if you beat the challenge
- A Challenger Elite trophy is awarded to the top scorer each week. Ties are broken by whoever was first.

challenger_360.png ChallengerElite.png

Weekly Challenges are found in the Training menu


Merged Global Chat

- In-game Global Chat has been merged with our Discord’s General Chat. The goal is improve community cohesiveness and encourage more discussion about the game.
- Improved moderation tools for Global Chat
- Global Chat will now be more heavily moderated. Discriminatory speech, flaming, and venting will result in a chat ban.
- If you haven’t already, consider joining our community Discord: discord.gg/LegionTD2

Game Improvements

Pathing & Targeting
- Units now run forward instantly after a target is dead, rather than waiting for their attack cooldown
-– This makes all units, especially slow-attacking ones, more responsive and behave more consistently
-– Tank mercenaries are now less likely to cause fast-attacking or mid-line fighters (e.g. Nightmare) to run ahead of slow-attacking or front-line fighters (e.g. Mudman)
- Non-tank melee mercenaries (Brute, Safety Mole, Pack Leader, Mimic, Ogre) are now less likely to be targeted
-– This improves consistency, especially when a powerful mercenary is sent on an early wave (Brute on 3, Mimic on 7, Ogre on 9, etc.)

- Now smarter about using Titan and Pulverizer legion spells

Lioness and Alpha Male
- Lioness’ Entourage and Alpha Male’s Dominion now properly work with Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler

UI Improvements
In preparation for the upcoming Shop, a variety of changes have been made:
- New, cleaner main menu. Some buttons have been moved to the bottom bar.
- Profile: Fighter Stats & Wave Stats are now combined into a single Game Stats tab
- Collection: Now uses colored gemstones instead of glowing borders to indicate rarity
- Each card’s rarity has been changed to match how rare they actually are, rather than being based on the tier of the unit. This may affect your collection value stat.

- Increased punishment for intentional losers

Bug Fixes & Stability
- Fixed a rare bug causing various game instability (Race conditions with game data loading) (this bug has been around for years!)
- Fixed a rare bug that prevented upgrading the King, telling you to “pick your rolls first” (there were other symptoms, but that is the most noticeable one). Thanks MarekParek for logs.
- Fixed a rare bug that locked up portions of the HUD and prevented chatting, after typing in an emoji in chat under certain conditions. Thanks BerntDasBROT for logs.
- Fixed a couple of instability bugs caused when spectating under certain conditions
- Fixed a rare bug where fighters would spawn twice (root bug is still not fixed yet, but added a failsafe to prevent it from affecting in-game)
- Fixed a bug where a “player found card” message would appear in chat in custom games, where cards can’t actually be earned
- Fixed a bug where Wave 21 recommended value was incorrectly updated
- Fixed a tab scoreboard bug where you could see enemy Hero-style legion spells on wave 11 during build phase, when you shouldn’t have been able to see them until after wave 11 started
- Added monitoring for a rare bug when game statistics don’t save for one or more players under certain laggy conditions (will be able to fix it in a future patch)

Catch Area
- Eggsack now warps to the back to prevent it from getting sniped without drawing aggro
- Fixed a rare case where leaked creeps would sometimes “sneak by” to the King while fighters were still alive (Melee leaked creep acquisition range is restored to max after the gate opens)

- Fixed a bug where chat wouldn’t wrap long words (it would show a glitchy horizontal scrollbar that was unintended)

- Added “Opening Performance” column
- Performance colors tweaked (now more should show up as green)
- Tweaked favorite rolls & favorite openings to not show decimals

Tab Scoreboard
- Disabled mousing over enemy units that already died (it is bugged; may re-implement in the future)

- Fixed a bug where some Power Score tooltips didn’t work when using the Wave Info/Attack Types windows

Game Coach
- Various improvements

Game Balance

4v4 & Custom Games

Dual Building red_arrow.png
- Haste: Damage reduction from area-of-effect abilities: 25% -> 33%

Hybrid Builder green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Tier 1 cost: 17 -> 18
- Tier 2 cost: 43 -> 44
- Tier 3 cost: 82 -> 81
- Tier 6 cost: 257 -> 255

Legion Spells

Lizard Army green_arrow.png
- Mythium: 30 -> 35

Pulverizer green_arrow.png
- Stun duration: 1.2 -> 1.5
- Dark Mage is now smarter about Mind Warping units with Pulverize

Sorcerer red_arrow.png
- Bonus ability damage: 21% -> 20%


Peewee red_arrow.png
- Health: 310 -> 290
- DPS: 8.6 -> 8.2
-- Damage: 9 -> 8
-- Attack speed: 0.95 -> 1.03

Veteran red_arrow.png
- Health: 1450 -> 1420

Win rate: 53%
Pick rate: High

Angler green_arrow.png
- Health: 440 -> 450
- Attack speed: 0.86 -> 0.88

Win rate: 49%
Pick rate: Low

Sky Queen green_arrow.png
- Damage: 90 -> 92

Win rate: 48%
Pick rate: Low

Zeus red_arrow.png
- Health: 950 -> 900
- Attack speed: 2.38 -> 2.33

Win rate: 53%
Pick rate: High

Leviathan red_arrow.png
- Health: 2000 -> 1900

Win rate: 53%
Pick rate: Average

Sacred Steed green_arrow.png
- Mana Blessing self-buff: Attack speed: 20% -> 30%
- Angler and Bounty Hunter can now have their mana increased by Mana Blessing

Pegasus green_arrow.png
- Mana Miracle self-buff: Attack speed: 20% -> 30%
- Angler and Bounty Hunter can now have their mana increased by Mana Miracle

Win rate: 47%
Pick rate: High

Grarl red_arrow.png

- Damage: 76 -> 74

Win rate: 51%
Pick rate: High

Mudman green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 1700 -> 1680
- Harden: Damage reduction: 2 + 15% -> 3 + 15%

Golem green_arrow.png
- Damage: 148 -> 150
- Harden: Damage reduction: 2 + 15% -> 3 + 15%

Win rate: 49%
Pick rate: Average

Great Boar green_arrow.png
- Health: 3200 -> 3230
- Damage: 60 -> 62

Red Eyes green_arrow.png
- Health: 8100 -> 8130
- Damage: 151 -> 156

Win rate: 48%
Pick rate: Low

Fenix green_arrow.png
- Health: 4150 -> 4250
- Damage: 285 -> 290

Win rate: 48%
Pick rate: Average

Hydra red_arrow.png
- Health: 2730 -> 2670
- Hydraling: Health: 910 -> 890

Win rate: 54%
Pick rate: Average

Soul Gate green_arrow.png
- Hellion: Damage: 60 -> 62
- Nightcrawler: Damage: 60 -> 62

Hell Gate green_arrow.png
- Elite Hellion: Damage: 120 -> 124
- Elite Nightcrawler: Damage: 120 -> 124

Win rate: 47%
Pick rate: Low

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