7.05: Party up to 8 players, In-Game Coach

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New Feature: Big Classic Parties

You can now queue for classic games with parties of 5-8 players! If you queue with 5-8 players, your party will be split up on separate teams in the same game. Think of this as a more streamlined way of playing Legion TD 2 when you’re in a squad of more than 4.

Preferable to custom games because:

  • Classic automatically fills the game with other players in queue and forms the fairest possible teams.
  • Classic has card drops, trophy achievements, higher essence gain, and contributes to guild XP. Custom games do not.

New Feature: In-Game Coach

GameCoach_128 (1).png

Game Coach now gives you real-time feedback during the game. Prepare for class, boys and girls.

Game Coach is tailored for new players but will be of help to most players. He calls out big mistakes and also gives you a pat on the back when playing well. Game Coach can be disabled in settings, but doing so will make him sad.

Game Improvements


New Feature: Invite via Steam Friends

  • In Steam Friends interface, right click –> Invite to Play
  • If the inviter is hosting a custom game, it will invite them to join the custom game.
  • If the inviter is in lobby, it will invite them to join the party.
  • This works even if your Steam profiles are set to private.
  • This works whether or not the person you are inviting has the game already running.

Pathing & Targeting

  • Fixed a bug where ranged units would run ahead/into melee range when you had fighters at the front of your lane.
  • Partially fixed a bug in the 4v4 map where catch area fighters would wander back to lane. They may still wander, but they should turn around now. Also added additional tracking that will help with finding a full fix. Please share your logs in Discord if you see this bug happening!

New Player Experience


  • Play vs. AI difficulties rethemed from Easy, Medium, etc. to Bronze, Silver, etc.
  • New Play vs. AI difficulty added in between old Easy and old Medium.
  • Tutorial and campaign are now visually recommended for new players.
  • Modified level restrictions for play vs. AI, ranked, and classic.

Custom Game & Party UI

  • You can now more easily invite friends to custom games.
  • Interface for inviting a friend via entering their name now auto-reopens after sending an invite, plus it shows whether you successfully invited someone or not
  • Custom game list shows a loading spinner when it is loading games, instead of showing “No rooms available” when it was still loading
  • Join button is easier to see & click now
  • Party UI now shows how many players are in your party


  • Fixed a major bug where if you had more than 100 friends, the client would get increasingly laggy (thanks BerntDasBROT for help debugging this)
  • Fixed a rare bug where player ratings/stats/match history wouldn’t properly update after a match finished
  • Fixed a rare bug where a newly built fighter would sell/downgrade for the wrong amount (thanks 1withALL for logs)
  • Fixed a rare bug where a takeover bot would continue to act for a reconnected player for one wave build phase (thanks Rostad for logs)
  • Fixed a rare bug where Soul Gate/Hell Gate would die during the build phase
  • Fixed a rare bug where a loading screen would take ~30-60 seconds to load into the game even after all players finished loading
  • Fixed a rare bug where a player would get stuck in the loading screen (thanks Hadsi for logs)
  • Fixed a rare bug where a player would fail to connect to a game (stuck on Match Found)
  • Potentially fixed some display-only bugs where units would appear to teleport or drift
  • Potentially fixed bug where Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler wouldn’t play their burrow animation

Improvements & Fixes

  • Increased duo Elo adjustment by 10. Duos are overperforming Elo-adjusted expected win rates by around 2%. This should bring things closer to parity.
  • Graphics: Added a glow for fighters when they have an upgrade available (makes it much easier for players to know which fighters they can upgrade when they haven’t memorized costs yet)
  • Sound: Added option for “Mute insufficient resources alerts” to mute “Not enough gold”/“Not enough mythium” sounds
  • Codex: Now shows amount per spawn for waves
    Matchmaking: (Affects high rated games during off-peak hours only) Queue now restarts after 30 minutes, instead of 15 minutes
  • Friends List: When signed out of Steam Friends, now properly hides your friends list, instead of showing a buggy/outdated friends list
  • HUD: Recommended fighter (green border) no longer shows up for fighters that would put you over 115% recommended value, even if that fighter had the best attack/armor type
  • Postgame Game Coach: Fixed some false positives
  • Campaign: Opponent display ratings are now a bit more accurate and are different for Normal vs. Hard mode
  • Custom Games: When inviting players, no longer need to confirm the player’s name
  • Tab Scoreboard: You can now mouseover enemy fighters during the build phase
  • King Upgrades: Removed “Upgrade Complete” sound. This lets the unique sounds per upgrade type be heard more clearly.
  • Guild War: Now only shows the results popup if you participated in the guild war.
  • Friends List: Now shows “Entering main menu” for players who are still starting up the game, to make it clearer that they can’t be invited to party/custom game yet.
  • Some new worker and other sound effects
  • Fixed a bug where an avatar didn’t show up in your avatars list after newly unlocking it from the Card Trader
  • Fixed some false positive warnings with FairPlay
  • Fixed missing Taxed Allowance sound
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing Premium Essence didn’t work for some players
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t hire Giant Snails after reconnecting
  • Fixed a bug where disconnected/AFK players would accidentally automatically ready up for wave 1
    Fixed some cases where player avatars would be duplicated in the chat member list
  • Fixed display-only bug where Gaia Shield highlighted Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler

Game Balance

Legion Spells

Magician red_arrow.png
- Mana regeneration and mana gain: 21% >> 20%

Sorcerer green_arrow.png
- Ability damage: 50% >> 52.5%


Masked Spirit red_arrow.png
- Health: 160 >> 130

RadiantHalo.png ArcOfJustice.png
Radiant Halo / Arc of Justice red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.15 >> 1.125

Green Devil green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 970 >> 1050
- Damage reduction: 1 + 40% >> 1 + 35%

Harpy.png SkyQueen.png
Harpy / Sky Queen green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.29 >> 1.33

SacredSteed.png Pegasus.png
Sacred Steed / Pegasus green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
Mana synergies adjusted for the following units:
- Fire Archer +14%
- Gateguard +14%
- Arc of Justice -6%

Tempest green_arrow.png
- Machine Gunner: Damage: 13 >> 14

Honeyflower green_arrow.png
- Health: 1310 >> 1330

Deathcap green_arrow.png
- Health: 3980 >> 4050

LordOfDeath.png Hades.png
Lord of Death / Hades red_arrow.png
- Devour heal on summon: 25% >> 20%

Fenix green_arrow.png
- Health: 4300 >> 4650

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