v3.11: Sand Badger, Iron Scales, 2x Chaos Mode

Friday, February 15, 2019 Discuss on the forums

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v3.11 Patch Notes

The main purpose of this patch is to release a new unit and game mode and fix a number of important bugs. Other gameplay changes and design improvements to king upgrades on the way in v3.12

NEW! Featured Game Mode

2x Chaos Mode

Featured game modes are a new way to play the game with special rules and mechanics. They’re just for fun and will occasionally be enabled on weekends.

The next featured game mode is 2x Chaos Mode 4v4, in which you get a random roll (6 new fighters) every wave, and waves have 2x the number of spawns in a 4v4 brawl. Fair warning: depending on your specs, things can get laggy late game with all the extra units, but it’s still a lot of fun.

2x Chaos Mode 4v4 will be enabled from Friday 222 - Sunday 224.

NEW! Nomad Tier 5

Sand Badger
Sand Badger

  • Cost: 195 gold + 1 supply
  • Upgrades to: Iron Scales
  • Movement type: Ground
  • Health: 2550 (Arcane)
  • Damage: 75 (Impact)
  • Attack speed: 0.83
  • Range: Melee

Iron Scales
Iron Scales

  • Upgrade Cost: 335 gold + 1 supply
  • Movement type: Ground
  • Health: 6850 (Arcane)
  • Damage: 205 (Impact)
  • Attack speed: 0.83
  • Range: Melee

These units intentionally have no ability. Their primary purpose is to serve as a true arcane tank.

Game Fixes & Improvements

New “Pro Leak” Emoji
- Type :proleak: to use it

Pro Leak


  • Added Peak Rating (All) leaderboard
  • Fixed a bug with the Leaderboard showing your peak rating incorrectly (it was showing current rating instead)


  • Max player level increased to 35
  • Now shows ranked win rate

Gameplay Fixes

  • When dual building in 4v4, fighters now warp instantly after clearing the wave
  • Fixed a bug where bots would mistakenly hire cheap mercenaries after hiring a mercenary that a player pinged (after hiring the pinged mercenary, they should hire according to normal preferences now)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the aura tutorial to be impossible to beat

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug where the game would become unstable if the last few enemies of a wave died at the same time

Major Fixes

  • Fixed a party bug where players sometimes didn’t rejoin their party (got dropped from party) after a game
  • Fixed a party bug where the party order was sometimes not preserved between games
  • Fixed a party bug where sometimes invites didn’t work
  • Fixed a party bug where you couldn’t invite a friend who was Viewing Scores
  • Fixed a HUD bug where your deploy cursor got canceled when your ally deployed his first fighter
  • Fixed a HUD bug where the shield button would be disabled sometimes

Minor Fixes

  • Fixed a cosmetic bug where some lane markers didn’t display text when hovered over
  • Fixed a HUD bug where the King upgrades HUD for the other team showed the value from last game at the start
  • Fixed a HUD bug where the king hp bar would flash red (damaged) during the night when he wasn’t actually being attacked

Quality of Life

  • Sound: Added a different sound effect for warnings (leaks), so it is different than the normal ping sound
  • Post-game stats: Now shows country flags next to player names


  • Updated! If you notice any missing or incorrect translations, check out LegionTD2.com/translate

Game Balance

Not enough time has elapsed since v3.10c to make any major balance changes. Data suggests that all fighters are viable, and there aren’t any significant outliers. You can expect more balance changes in v3.12

Dark Ritual
Dark Ritual Nerf
- Gold: +145 -> +140

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